What are the basic elements of an HVAC system?

air conditioning system components fort lauderdale fl Heat, ventilation and air conditioning system or HVAC system is something that almost every home in Florida has. This is a very complex system that has many components which allow the system to manage the temperature in any space. In order to understand how the HVAC system works and in order to fix some smaller issues it is crucial to learn more about the basic elements of an HVAC system. Of course, it is always a good idea to ask for help from a professional AC repair service whenever you experience problems with the HVAC.

Heat Exchanger

This element is the main element in the furnace unit. When the thermostat triggers the furnace, air is sucked in the heat exchanger from a special duct that extracts cold air from all the areas in your home. AC professionals call this procedure cold air return chase. Once the cold air gets inside the heat exchanger it is forced out and heated through the ducts and spread all over your home.


The furnace is typically the biggest part of this system and requires special space in the home. In most cases this AC unit is installed in the closet or attic. This part is here to push cold or hot air in the ducts that work in each of the rooms in the home. Inside the ducts, we can find small vents that direct the warm and cold air and allow its circulation in the areas around the house and regulate the temperature there.

Condensation unit

This is one the only basic element of the HVAC system that is installed outside of the home. This where the refrigerant gas is cooled with the help of outside air and heat and the refrigerant is turned into liquid and directed through a solid metal tube which is linked to the coil used for evaporation. After that, the liquid is returned to a gas condition and the system drives the heat in which leads to rapid decrease in temperature. The same process takes place when we want to create cool airflow. This is a complex procedure and even a slightest problem can result in malfunctioning. If something like this happens call AC specialists.

Evaporator coil

These coils are placed in a metal enclosure located above the furnace. These coils work when you need cool air. So, the evaporator coil is here to provide cold airflow which is drawn with the help of a furnace blower and redirected to the ducts and eventually out of the vents.


You can easily locate the thermostat because it usually leads to the furnace. It comes with user controls and sophisticated technology. In most cases the thermostat is positioned in a place where we can check and adjust the temperature easily. Thermostats are very easy to use and even your children can set the thermostat to a desired temperature.

Remember that these are not the only HVAC system elements, but they are surely the most important ones.